The Fifes & Drums

of The Old Barracks



The Fifes and Drums of the Old Barracks is looking for new recruits for our 2015 season of concerts, parades, and other wonderful performance opportunities! All able-bodied young men of middle or high school age are encouraged to join our ranks. Though encouraged, no prior musical experience is necessary.


If you want to be involved in an exciting and unique musical experience, or if you would like to book The Fifes and Drums of The Old Barracks for a performance, please feel free to email,

or call (609) 396-1776 for more information.



Click here to watch the Fifes and Drums performing at Independence Day Weekend in Morristown.


Click here to watch last summer's Taptoe performance!



Rehearsal and Performance Schedule


Saturday,      7/11                            Taptoe Concert at Old Barracks Museum       

Friday,           7/31                            Taptoe Concert at Old Barracks Museum

Friday,           8/7                              Taptoe Concert at Old Barracks Museum 




About The Fifes and Drums


The Fifes and Drums of the Old Barracks areauthentically uniformed, and present well researched repertoire of colonialmusic. Their uniforms are those that would have been worn by the musicians of the 2nd New Jersey Regiment, four of whose eight companies were raised in this very Barracks in Trenton in December of 1775.

During the American Revolution, in both the British and Continental Armies, each of the 8 to 10 companies of every regiment fielded one fifer and one drummer who were often boys in their teens. Chief among their duties were the playing of distinctive beatings accompanied by short tunes that comprised a system of signals by which the entire soldier's day was organized, as well as his performance on the drill and battlefields. There were "calls" or "duties" for reveille, assembly, going for fatigue details, loading their weapons, firing, cease firing, marching to the right or left, etc. Playing such a critical role, they traditionally wore uniform coats comprised of the reverse color combination worn by the other soldiers in their regiment. A Continental regiment who wore uniform coats of blue with red facings, for example, would field musicians wearing red coats with blue facings. In addition to their signaling duties, they adapted many popular songs and dance tunes of the day for marches and often would play airs by noted composers of the time for the entertainment of their officers and visiting dignitaries.


The Old Barracks Museum debuted its Fife and Drum Corp at its annual Capital Ball gala on January 31, 2004. Comprised of middle and high school students and professional musicians from the surrounding area, they have been organized and trained under the direction of Stephen Hudak, a former instrumental music teacher at Antheil School in Ewing, and timpanist for the Trenton Symphony Orchestra.